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Coat Racks

Free Standing Coat Racks

Every space should have a free standing coat rack of some sort, including churches. You will likely want a coat rack in the office for the staff to use. You might want another one for visitors to use. Perhaps the priest will have a coat rack in his private office.

It is also good practice to have coat racks that your congregation can use when they wear coats to church. This prevents the need to bring coats into the chapel and the potential for them to get in the way. Assuming your church has a youth group, Sunday school, or adult classes, you may want a free standing coat rack for those as well. You may even find a folding clothes rack useful during charity drives.


Choose From Hooks or Hangers

Since every church will have a slightly different use for this type of furniture, we have clothes hanger racks and those that use hooks. To choose which type makes sense, think about how you will use it and whether you want to get hangers.


Wall-mounted or Freestanding

Another choice to make while choosing your coat rack is whether you want something that attaches to the wall or is freestanding. This will likely depend on the floor space available in the area you plan to put the coat rack. Worthington Direct does have a wide variety of wall-mounted and free standing coat racks for sale.


Options with Doors

Our selection of coat racks also includes options that have doors on them. These are ideal for the offices or anywhere else that people may want to tuck away purses or other items. They also help keep the space looking clean and organized.


Other Choices

Between the coat racks from Magnuson Group, Wooden Mallet, and other brands, you also have various options. For example, you can choose a rack that sits on wheels so you can easily move it between rooms. Or you can get one that features an umbrella stand built-in.

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