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When you hear the word cubbies, the first thing that comes to mind is school. You remember the
daycare cubbies from your childhood days. But schools are not the only institutions that can
benefit from having cubby storage.

Churches can benefit from having cubbies as well. This is because churches face the same
storage problems as schools. So if you’re shopping for church furniture, be sure to include
cubbies on your list. Below are some things churches can organize using a cubby storage cabinet.

Seasonal Items

Churches can use cubbies to store seasonal items. These include Christmas decorations and other
supplies used only during special occasions. These items tend to take up a lot of space if they’re
not organized well. Placing these items on a cubby storage cabinet makes them easy to find when
the time comes that you need to use them again.

Regularly Used Items

Churches can also use cubbies to store bulk items, such as candles, prayer books, linens, and
more. These are regularly used items, so they need to be organized for easy retrieval. Cubbies
from Wood Designs and Jonti-Craft are perfect for these things.

Community Needs

Churches often conduct donation drives and fund-raising activities for the community. Cubbies
can be used to store items that are needed for these events. If you have a food pantry in your
church, for example, then you can use a cubby storage cabinet to store food items. Doing so
makes it easy for people to see the items available and get what they want.

You can also use cubby storage to keep the personal belongings of churchgoers before service
starts. Cubbies provide convenience to churchgoers and may increase attendance in your
services. You just need to put a number on the cubby holes and give corresponding claim tags to

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