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Podiums and Lecterns in Wood, Acrylic and Metal

Presenter Podiums and Speaker Stands

Most churches need to have at least one wood lectern or similar podium available. Maybe you will use it for special events and guest speakers. Or maybe it will come in handy if you have to move services outside or to another space temporarily. Or perhaps you want to put a pedestal lectern in each of the classrooms for your Sunday school.

With or Without Storage

Our selection of non-sound podiums comes in a variety of styles. As such, you can stick to a simple lectern without any more storage than the spot to put your papers while speaking. Or you can choose a wood lectern with built-in shelves or even cabinets.

Think about how you will use the lectern and what items speakers need to access. If you want to keep books, papers, or even a water bottle on hand, consider one with storage. If the person using the pedestal lectern will only need somewhere to put their papers, you save money by sticking to a simpler design.

This is also the time to consider whether you need to set papers on the lectern or need a computer. Some of our lecterns are specifically designed for computers.

Choose Your Material and Style

As you look at our non-sound podiums, you will have your choice of material and style in addition to storage space. Many of our podiums are wooden, but we also have options made from durable steel or plastic. We even have a handful with a cross on them, making them perfect for churches. Consider a podium on wheels if you want it to be easier to transport.

Even similar podiums from different brands will have slightly different stylistic elements that may mean you prefer one over another. And with options from Balt, Trinity, Hirsh Industries, Smith Systems, Jonti-Craft, and more, you will have your choice of style.
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