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Pulpit Furniture and Church Pulpit Furniture

The pulpit is easily among the most important pieces of church furniture. Church pulpits give you a place to rest your notes or a glass of water while giving the sermon. They also provide somewhere to rest your hands and serve as a focal point for the congregation. We have a range of church pulpits for sale at Worthington Direct, including one that should work well in your space.

As Simple or Beautiful As You Prefer

Our pulpits for the church come in a variety of styles. Choose something that is simple if you don’t want to detract from the rest of the chapel or your sermon. Or opt for something more intricate if you want to level up the visuals of your worship area. From simple church pulpits that are similar to flower stands to those with multiple pillars and plexiglass, you will find choices at Worthington Direct. We also have an open-tiered pulpit with several pillars.

Even the simplest options among our church pulpits for sale are beautiful, especially with the different finishing choices. Most are wooden with various stain finishes, but many are available in white. This lets you decide which finishing is ideal for your space.

How Much Space Do You Need?

As you browse the pulpits we have in stock, consider the desk space you’ll be needing. Do you need to fit a small stack of papers on the pulpit? Or do you also need your Bible and other books handy? We have options of various sizes and widths at Worthington Direct.

Don’t Forget Other Related Furniture

Most church leaders prefer their pulpits to complement other church furniture. That’s why we offer baptismal fonts, prayer desks, tithe boxes, flower stands, communion tables, and more, in addition to our pulpits for sale.

These other items come from the same brands, such as Trinity. That ensures that they complement the appearance of your chosen pulpits for church. We even have traditional style chancel furniture from the same brand.

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