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Storage Cabinet Shelving and Shelving Accessories

Storage Cabinet Shelving and Shelving Accessories

Every church needs to have an organizational system. From extra shelves to hold prayer books to bookshelves in the pastor’s office, there are numerous areas throughout the building that require storage. Our selection of shelves includes all the styles you’ll need for your church activities.

Versatile Enough to Use Throughout the Building

Most of our cabinet shelves are designed to be incredibly versatile. This means that you can buy several or even a dozen of the same style from Tennsco, Sandusky Lee, or OFD Office Furniture and use it in various parts of the church.

Perhaps your pastor’s office needs a bookshelf, or you need shelves to hold extra prayer books in the chapel. You can also place bookshelves in classrooms or add extra shelves to the main office. Of course, you probably need some extra shelves for storage areas, as well. That includes areas with office supplies, cleaning supplies, donations, and more.

Choose Your Style of Shelf

While each of our cabinet shelves is versatile, we also offer a variety of styles to make it easy to find what works for you. Consider a traditional tall storage cabinet filled with shelves. Or just get an extra shelf to add to existing cabinets or walls. Or add a hutch to one of the desks in the general office or the pastor’s space. Or consider a vertical paper manager perfect for sorting urgent documents.

We also have plenty of accessories to go with the extra shelves. For example, consider file dividers for the office or a caster base for your cabinets to make them easy to move. We even have handles you can add to cabinets.

The bottom line is that the various options for shelving and accessories let you make the most of the space in every area of your church.
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