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Classroom Wardrobes and Teacher Storage Cabinets

Classroom Wardrobes and Teacher Storage Cabinets

Most churches have classrooms for Sunday school and other learning opportunities for their youngest parishioners. But even if you don’t have a school area, a teacher cabinet can come in useful in other areas of the building.

Great for Classrooms

These wardrobe cabinets are a great addition to the classrooms in your church. They let you keep the supplies for activities and teaching out of the way and out of sight when not needed. They also give teachers a place to put their personal items while teaching.

These combination storage cabinets are versatile enough to store books for teaching, kids’ notebooks, or craft supplies for younger students.

Great for Childcare Areas

Whether your church just offers childcare during services or has expanded hours, a coat locker or cabinet can be an excellent addition. As in classrooms, these can serve as a teacher cabinet where they can securely put their personal items or various supplies for the classroom.

Versatile Enough for Other Spaces

Of course, there are also plenty of other places throughout your church for a wardrobe cabinet. The priest could use one in his office for extra storage. You may want to place a few in multi-purpose rooms to store the supplies you will need there. You can even put them in empty rooms to convert the space into a storage area with ease. Just think about how you plan to use the cabinet, and then choose an appropriate option from Hon, Smith Systems, or another brand.

Choose From Any Style

These combination storage cabinets truly come in all styles. Start by choosing between solid doors and those with windows that let you see in. Then, decide if you just want shelves or also want a rod to hang coats or other items or some drawers. Of course, you also get to decide how you want those shelves or racks spaced out. There are even cabinets that sit on wheels.
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