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TV Carts and Mobile AV Carts

TV Carts and Mobile AV Carts

Church furniture goes beyond pulpits, podiums, and pews. More and more churches are getting mobile TV carts for their facilities. These carts give church leaders the freedom to show films and presentations to congregants, staff, and others. Some churches even bring the TVs to onsite daycares and youth groups to show fun films to the kids. Learn more about our lineup of mobile AV carts to find what you need for your facility.

TV Carts for All Sizes and Styles

While many churches have upgraded to flat-panel TVs, that’s not the case across the board. Thus, we carry options for both flat and older CRT televisions. These options include TV carts for TVs up to 80 inches in size.

Adjustable TV Carts for Churches

You likely remember seeing a school TV on a cart when you were a student. In those days, school TV carts were usually fixed height, so you might not have been able to see from the back of the classroom. While we still carry fixed-height carts for smaller spaces, we also have adjustable carts so the entire congregation can see, no matter how large the facility. You’ll find numerous adjustable height options, including carts that you can lower or raise with a crank.

Fully Mobile TV Carts

Our TV carts are on wheels so that you can move them throughout your church. You don’t have to worry about congregants or children moving the carts once in place, though. You can lock the wheels to secure the setup. Then you’ll be ready to show the presentation or film.

Mobile Carts with Shelving

Does it seem like you always forget something when showing a film or sharing a presentation? You can make that a thing of the past with our mobile TV carts with shelving. These carts can accommodate notes, films, extra cords, and other items, so you’ll be prepared when rolling the cart to a new location.

Finding the right TV carts is easy when shopping with us. Browse our inventory from Luxor, Smith System, Balt, and other top brands. Then you can purchase a TV cart to help you meet the needs of congregants and staff.

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