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Classroom Rugs and Classroom Carpets

Every classroom with young students needs school rugs. Rugs provide a clean, comfortable place to sit during circle time, while reading, and during other activities. And you can find a wide selection of large classroom rugs at Worthington Direct.

Educational Classroom Rugs

The most popular types of preschool classroom rugs include an element of learning. You will have to decide what lessons you want your rug to teach and how much input is required from the teacher.

For young students, popular options include school rugs with numbers, the alphabet, and shapes. For slightly older students who still need large classroom rugs, consider a rug with a map or other elements of geography.

If you need preschool rugs for a music classroom or your school emphasizes music education, consider one of the many music rugs.

Make All School Rugs Educational 

Realistically, you can use any preschool classroom rug as an educational tool. For example, our rugs with patterns, stripes, and solids are great for teaching colors and counting. Our rugs with animals and nature are excellent for teaching the beginnings of science education with a focus on nature.

We also have a variety of large classroom rugs with bilingual or multicultural designs. These are excellent for bilingual schools or any school that wants its students to understand the importance of celebrating cultures.

Even religious rugs can be educational, giving you a starting point for discussing religion with your students.

Carpet Squares You Can Share

If you are looking for something unique, you may also want to consider carpet squares. These are smaller tiles of carpet that you can combine to create a full-size rug. Or you can have each student sit on an individual square spread throughout the room. Many of these squares can also be turned into lessons. For example, many have letters on them, so you can ask students to put them in alphabetical order. Or have students find the first letter of their name.

Student Classroom Rugs Are Versatile

As you look at our educational rugs, remember that they are incredibly versatile. The most obvious idea is to put it in a section of the classroom that you use for reading to the students and circle time. But you can also place some of these rugs in other areas of the classroom.

Put a rug underneath the reading nook. Put one under the main activity tables or the drawing tables. If you have a music corner, use a rug with music notes. You can even put a rug in each area to visually divide the classroom.

No matter where in the classroom you place school rugs, they will give your students a comfortable place to sit. They can also provide a soft surface for children to play on, especially important in active play areas with toys or kitchen supplies. Or just use the rugs to protect the bottom of your furniture from the hard floor – or to protect your classroom floor from dropped toys. 

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