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Alphabet Rugs and Numbers Rugs

Alphabet Rugs and Number Rugs

Classrooms are a place for fun as well as learning. This is especially true when the space is for younger kids, as they are so impressionable and learn best while being active and playing. Getting the right classroom rugs is an important step toward finding the right balance of fun and learning.

Types of Educational Rugs

Our selection of kids’ rugs spans a range of educational options. Most either feature numbers or letters, while some combine the two. Others also have pictures of animals or other objects to keep things fun and interesting. Thus, these rugs will give you the chance to teach the kids about various critters. Choose a rug with butterflies or one that swaps out some letters for objects starting with the same letter, such as a horse instead of “H.”

There are even rugs that help your classroom learn addition and subtraction.

Various Shapes and Designs

While all of these classroom rugs include some element of learning, they come in various shapes and styles. You can choose from rectangular or oval options, depending on the space that you need to fit the rug in.

You will also notice that a lot of the kids’ rugs organize the numbers, letters, or figures into convenient squares. These are undoubtedly great for classroom organization, as you can ask each student to sit in one particular square.

All Are Made to Last

As the various classroom rugs come from brands like Flagship Carpets and Joy Carpets, you can count on them to last. That is especially important with small children, as their high levels of activity mean that the carpets will get a great deal of wear. The carpets are also all easy to clean, perfect for removing any mess that students may track inside and accidentally spread.
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