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Classroom Carpet Squares and Learning Carpet Squares

Classroom Carpet Squares and Learning Carpet Squares

Classrooms for young kids tend to combine learning with fun. One way that they do so is via interactive classroom rugs and carpet squares. These squares are a great supplement to any classroom, as they offer versatility and education.

Incredibly Versatile

Learning squares are easily among the most versatile types of kids’ rugs, as you can separate the squares into individual groups, one large rectangle or multiple rectangles of varying sizes. When separate, the possibilities are limitless, as you can easily incorporate the squares into activities. For example, have students spell words with the squares or find someone with a letter before or after theirs.

You can even have each kid choose a square and sit on that instead of the floor during circle time. Then, as an activity, have them put everything in order.

Plenty of Educational Choices

The various classroom rugs and squares include options to fit with all of your educational goals. For example, you can reinforce the alphabet with squares that feature letters and animals that start with that letter. Or choose one with a similar idea but different words. Or stick to an option that has letters.

There are even kids’ rugs with colors in multiple languages, shapes, nature, numbers, friends, just colors, and more. If you choose multiple sets from Carpets for Kids, Flagship Carpets, or any other brand, you may even be able to use carpet squares from different sets together. That depends on the dimensions of the squares.

Don’t Forget About Accessories for the Carpet Squares

The great thing about these kids’ rugs is that they are versatile, especially with the right accessories. If you want to put the squares together and keep them in place on the floor, you may want a firm lock from Flagship Carpets. Or maybe you want the stick-n-stay tape to use the squares as wall decorations.
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