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Map Rugs and Geography Rugs

Map Rugs and Geography Rugs

From kindergarten to elementary school years, education still has a fun twist. In the younger years, there will be a carpet to sit on while being read stories or having circle time. When the students get a bit older, they need a carpet for their reading nook. The best classroom rugs don’t just create a soft spot, but they also help kids learn.

Rugs with maps on them are the perfect opportunity for this. After all, by the time kids leave their first few years of school, they may not want to sit on an alphabet carpet, as they’ve had the letters down for years. But geography daycare rugs let them continue to learn as they grow.

Maps Big and Small

When choosing the type of map you prefer on your kids’ rugs, think about the learning goals of your students. There are numerous options with maps of the United States, complete with outlines of each state. Some have pictures of each state, others show the capitals, yet others indicate the time zones.

Or take a broader approach and use your classroom rugs to show kids how big the world is with a global map. These also come in various styles, ranging from options with just the continents and oceans labeled to those indicating key places in each continent. Some even help show the importance of world unity with people holding hands or showing “friends” from various cultures.

You can even take a wider approach and choose one that showcases the solar system.

Always Count on the Quality

Whether you want a daycare rug or kids’ rugs for slightly older children, you will be able to count on their quality. We carry brands like Carpets for Kids, Flagship Carpets, and Joy Carpets, all of which are durable and long-lasting.
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