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Shapes Rugs and Activity Rugs

Shapes Rugs and Activity Rugs

Classrooms for younger students are known to be inviting and fun. Teachers in those early years always do their best to make learning fun for all of their students, and the right kids’ rugs can go a long way to achieving this.

Plenty of Activities and Opportunities to Learn

Our selection of classroom rugs gives you a long list of types of activities and learning opportunities. Teach shapes and colors with a rug that has both of these. Or choose one of the options that goes beyond teaching colors. For example, we have rugs with color words in two languages as well as ones that show more than just the basic colors and teach students how to mix colors to make new ones. Or use the kids’ rugs to teach children to express their feelings or learn about what it takes to be a good friend.

If you already have educational rugs or don’t feel the need to have students learn with the rugs, there are also some other fun options with a bit less learning. For example, you can inspire kids with the rug that reads “Be the Light” from Flagship Carpets or choose the fun of the BioStones Carpet from Joy Carpets. The Books are Treasures carpet is another great example of this, and as a bonus, it encourages reading.

You can also choose kids’ rugs that encourage good habits, such as the ones reading “Sanitize” with a picture of feet or shoes from Carpets for Kids.

Versatile Rugs

Most of our classroom rugs are rectangles, with a few ovals and other shapes. There are also some incredibly versatile options, such as the Blocks of Fun rug from Carpets for Kids, which you can separate into smaller blocks. This gives you the versatility to create any rectangular shape and even let the students show their creativity.
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