If you are interested in outfitting an entire classroom or school space with a single furniture brand, contact Worthington Direct today to request your personalized line drawing, 3D rendering, or detailed space planning layout. Furniture brands that we partner with, and that can bring your classroom dreams to reality are Smith System, Mooreco, Paragon, KFI, Lesro, NPS, and AmTab.


We can help design a cohesive learning environment with coordinating soft seating, student desks, chairs, media tables and other furniture products. Add logos and custom signage to your cafeteria food court with AmTab cafeteria design services. Bring your ideas to life and share with your school board, committee or employers- before you invest.


What to include:

Shop Smith System, Mooreco, Paragon, Lesro, AmTab, NPS and KFI products and send us your shopping cart for design services. ($10,000 minimum). Contact us to inquire about other brands.

Send us basic room dimensions, purpose and expected occupancy. We can work with sketches, CAD drawings, or any other source materials you have on hand.


Once we have all of the information we need, our design team gets to work. We’ll create a classroom floor plan design based on the details you gave us and our expertise. Remember that our design partners have been working on classroom design and layout for years, so we understand what works best to achieve your goals. 


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Preschool Classroom Design

For preschool classroom design, you will likely have chosen more activity rugs and interactive stations than tables and desks. Our team will create spaces for reading, art, water stations, and similar activities. The focus is on giving the children enough space to move around and learn through playing while also providing areas to enjoy snack time or work on their writing or drawing. In an early childhood classroom, students will primarily feel as if they play during the day while their teachers introduce some learning.

Kindergarten Classroom Design

21st-century kindergarten classroom design is similar to preschool classroom design but emphasizes reading areas more. There is also a stronger focus on other educational areas.

Elementary School Classroom Design

Elementary classroom design will still include areas for activities, such as reading nooks, but the focus on learning becomes greater. Depending on your preferences, we are likely to organize the tables and desks into small groups. While most of the space will be dedicated to traditional learning, there will still be other interactive and recreational spaces. Additionally, the traditional learning spaces may be set up in several ways within a single classroom to appeal to all learners.

Middle School Classroom Design

For middle school classroom design, the classroom arrangement largely depends on how you plan to use the space and the furniture you choose. We typically encourage at least several different types of seating, as this helps all learners engage.

High School Classroom Design

The ideal classroom design for high schoolers also depends largely on the furniture you select and how you will use the space. In science labs, for example, we typically allocate part of the space to the lab tables and equipment and the remaining space to desks or tables and chairs for traditional instruction.

Amtab Cafeteria Custom DesignAmtab Cafeteria Custom Design

Common Questions About Classroom Design Services

Why Is Classroom Design Important to the Learning Environment?

We strive to create flexible classroom designs, as this lets students try various learning techniques. It also gives teachers the ability to respond better to the different learning needs of each student.

Simply put, the right classroom design layout ensures that all students are given the best possible chance of learning.


How to Design an Inclusive Classroom

Our design team uses the following strategies to create an inclusive classroom:

  • Creating group workspaces for students, such as desks or tables in small groups
  • Providing centers for various learning styles and furniture for students with disabilities
  • Creating a meeting spot for discussions and larger group activities
  • Limiting the décor, so it does not provide too much sensory stimulation

How to Design a Classroom

Designing a classroom will always depend on the planned use of the classroom, including the age of the students and the subject being taught. A good classroom design will make students comfortable and help them learn.


How to Design a Classroom Layout

Designing a classroom layout includes the same considerations as general classroom design. But the focus is more on the floor plan instead of smaller details like décor. By contrast, general classroom design will consider both of these things.

Depending on the age of the students, a good classroom layout will include:

  • A teacher’s desk
  • Student desks or group tables
  • Sturdy bookshelves
  • Area rugs
  • Puzzles and other age-appropriate activities
  • Personal storage containers or systems with easy access

How to Use Universal Design for Learning in the Classroom

The following are just some of the strategies that can help teachers use universal design for learning in the classroom:

  • Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each student
  • Share content in various formats
  • Rely on digital materials if possible
  • Let students showcase their knowledge with various methods
  • Use technology to provide software-based support when necessary

How Does Classroom Design Affect Learning?

Classroom design affects the students’ feeling of ownership over their space. It also affects the lighting and air quality. Additionally, the design affects the acoustics of the space, as the teacher’s voice needs to amplify for students to feel connected and part of the classroom conversation. For preschool and kindergarten spaces, the layout should help disperse the noise during free play so the sound does not become overwhelming. All these factors influence the ability of students to learn.


The Takeaway – Take Advantage of Our Design Services

The good news is that you don’t have to worry too much about designing a classroom completely by yourself. Worthington Direct’s design services partners will take some of the guesswork out of it for you. You select the furniture you want in the classroom and tell us your objectives. Then, our teams will use their knowledge and experience to create an inclusive design that encourages learning. The resulting classroom design will allow students to focus on their lessons and be engaged in their learning.


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