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Preschool Furniture Supplies and Daycare Furniture Supplies

Furnishing a preschool or daycare can be an involved process. You need preschool tables and chairs for arts and crafts, practicing letters, and eating. But you also need bookcases for reading nooks, art easels, and the right daycare furniture for various other activities.

Find the Perfect Daycare Tables 

For most daycares and preschools, the search for furniture begins with tables and chairs. Whether you want to buy them separately or choose a package with a preschool table and chairs, Worthington Direct has a wide selection of options for you. You can choose tables of varying sizes and shapes.

Opting for a preschool furniture package with both tables and chairs saves you time, as you don’t have to compare measurements to ensure the chairs are the appropriate height for the table.

Floor Furniture

In addition to the expected selection of preschool tables and chairs, we have floor furniture. We have tables that are slightly lower, and the chairs sit directly on the floor, without legs. They are much easier for young students to get in and out of, but they still let them experience sitting at a “big kid” table.

Find Preschool Furniture to Store Everything for the Classroom

Once you have the tables and chairs for your classroom, it’s time to move on to storage. You will likely want lockers or cubbies for your students to store their items. You’ll also need cubbies or storage units for books, toys, art supplies, and everything else in your classroom.

You can find a variety of preschool furniture for storage at Worthington Direct. Choose from cubbies of various sizes with cubby holes that also vary in size. Use a Fold-n-Lock storage unit for items that you usually want to keep out of reach of the students but need access to regularly.

For the ultimate storage, consider a preschool wall system for your daycare furniture needs. These include cubbies for students, shelves, cabinets, and more.

Book Displays

Of course, we also have plenty of specialized storage for books. You’ll find a variety of book storage options, from bookshelves to displays that make it easy to view all the books. Place these on one of your daycare tables or on the floor in a reading nook.

Find All the Other Daycare Furniture You Need

In addition to daycare tables and storage, we have everything else you need to fully furnish your classroom.

Browse our classroom rugs to find the right one for your circle time area. Choose from pretty and fun designs and those that add an educational element.

Consider some soft furniture for the reading nook or other areas where your students relax. Or consider flexible seating, like bean bag chairs.

Find interactive items, such as play kitchen sets, blocks, dramatic play, sensory tables, and sand tables. Don’t forget mirrors to open the space and teach your youngest charges about their reflection.

Get everything you need for naptime, whether your students use cribs, napping mats, or cots. There are also rocking chairs, baby strollers, and changing tables available.

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