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Cubby Storage Towers and Daycare Organizers

Kids can be unruly, so it’s no surprise that the classroom isn’t the neatest place. However, the
quality of learning also relies on how well-organized a classroom can be. That’s why it’s crucial
to have the proper daycare furniture to keep everything in their places.

Versatile Storage

Cubbies have a lot of uses. Most people think they’re just to store toys and other school items.
You can use them in the classroom to organize the students’ bags, shoes, and other supplies. The
top of the cubby storage can also serve as a desk to save space.

For example, you can use the daycare cubbies as the primary desks in the classroom. Instead of
having separate tables and storage cabinets, the cubbies themselves can serve two purposes. The
top can be used as a desk, while the shelves underneath can store school supplies, bags, shoes,
and even snacks.

Students can use the cabinet for collaborative works. Since it has a wide top, they can share the
makeshift desk and do activities there. Some classrooms also use the storage cabinet as a
decorative center island to partition the room.

Other Cubby Uses

You can also use the cubby storage cabinet in games. The colored trays of the cubbies can be
used to teach students how to sort shapes, colors, and sizes. You can also start teaching them
tasks such as bringing things to another room. They can use mobile storage cabinets to cart items
from one room to another.

Best Cubby Brands

Jonti-Craft’s cubby is made of wood and comes in many heights and storage capacities. You can
choose the number of storage spaces that you need to fit as many colored trays as you want. But
if you are looking for something mobile, Smith System has a storage space solution to organize
classrooms, offices, and daycare centers. You’ll even find one in the principal’s office. Wood
Designs, Luxor, and Whitney Brothers provide more options for you.

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