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Preschool STEM, STEAM & Makerspace Furniture for Kids

Preschool STEM, STEAM, and Makerspace Furniture for Kids

With the right furniture, you can quickly transform your preschool or daycare into a STEM or STEAM learning environment. Our makerspace preschool and daycare furniture promotes individual learning and collaboration. At the same time, it helps children immerse themselves in activities. Learn more about our offerings from top brands, such as Smith System, Jonti-Craft, and Gratnells.

Create a Preschool STEM or STEAM Lab

You want your students to enjoy hands-on learning so they can grasp challenging STEAM and STEM concepts. Fortunately, hands-on learning is easy with our various workstations and activity table options. From basic STEM activity desks to sensory tables and mobile garden centers, there’s no limit to what your students can learn. You can choose options for kids’ DIY projects, group activities, and so much more.

Furniture for Individual Learning and Collaboration

Daycare and preschool STEM and STEAM labs often let kids engage in various activities at once. Thus, some kids might be immersed in individual work, while other children are collaborating. You can limit distractions with furniture options for individual learning and collaborations. Teachers and daycare staff often set up pegboard room dividers to separate the action. Additionally, you can choose from single and joint workstations.

Staying Organized in a STEAM Lab

Preschool STEM and STEAM labs are full of materials and tools for little ones to use. Thus, staying organized is critical, or the daycare or preschool will end up overrun with materials, making it harder to learn. Fortunately, we have preschool STEAM and STEM furniture to help you stay organized.

Standard and antimicrobial rolling carts can help you organize the space. Additionally, we have pegboards and other choices that make it easy to put everything where it belongs when kids finish activities.

Browse through our options for kids’ STEAM and STEM furniture so you can set up a lab at your preschool or daycare. Once your furniture arrives, you can create the ideal setting for learning.
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