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Folding Chair Caddy and Folding Chair Dollies

Folding Chair Caddy and Folding Chair Dollies

Some types of furniture are easier to move than others, and folding chairs are in the category of easier to move. Despite the fact that they fold and stack, however, they can still get incredibly heavy when you put a bunch of them in a stack. Our chair racks overcome that challenge, as well as the issue of their awkward sizing that makes it hard for a person to hold more than a handful at a time.

Streamline Furniture Moving

With our folding chair caddies, you can easily streamline the process of moving the folding chairs to and from storage. While the folding chair racks are obviously designed to move folding chairs, some are versatile enough to fit other similarly-sized pieces of furniture if you get creative. This is more likely to be the case with models that have flat bottoms or rails on the bottoms. Those will let you move anything with the rack, as long as it does not weigh too much and fits in the space.

To further streamline your furniture moving, Correll, Raymond Products, Virco, and other brands designed their folding chair racks to be sturdy yet easy to roll. They are even strong enough for you to leave the chairs in them while in storage.

Hanging and Stacking

That more versatile style of folding chair trucks that you could also use for cabinets or other pieces of furniture is one style of these caddies. With those, you typically just lay the folding chairs flat along the bottom of the rack. Another style of chair racks is similar, but you stack the chairs horizontally. These will include bars to keep the seating from tipping over.

Yet another style of folding chair caddies is those with bars that let you hang the chairs. Some of these are even tall enough for you to fit folding tables or other bits of furniture underneath the chairs.
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