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Stacking Chair Trucks and Stacking Chair Caddies

Stacking Chair Trucks and Stacking Chair Caddies

Stacking chairs are a popular choice for multiple types of buildings, from schools to offices to churches. After all, the fact that they stack on top of each other means that they take up minimal space when stored. It also makes them easier to transport, especially with the stacking chair dollies.

Dollies for All Stacking Chairs

Regardless of the style of stacking chair that you have, the majority of our stacking chair trucks and caddies should easily accommodate them. This comes from a combination of factors. To start, most chairs are within a certain size range, and a stacking chairs cart can typically accommodate ones that are slightly smaller or slightly larger than they are.

There is also the fact that most of our caddies were designed to be as versatile as possible. That means that whether you have unpadded plastic chairs or padded metal ones, they should work with the same chair dolly for stackable chairs.

In other words, even if you have several styles of chairs at your facility, you only need to get a single style of cart.

More Versatile Options as Well

While most of the stacking chair dollies have a unique design to accommodate and secure stacking chairs, some are versatile enough to also transport other items. Some can easily handle folded chairs as well as stacked ones. This style has a rectangular base that you could also use to transport other types of furniture. That makes them a good choice if you regularly need to transport various pieces and not just chairs.

Use for Storage or Transport

Once you get your stacking chair trucks and caddies, remember that you can do more than transport the seating with these. Many of them are also stable if you set the chairs on the ground. This lets you use them for storage as well.
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