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Sound Lecterns and Powered Podiums

Sound Lecterns and Powered Podiums

You have to dedicate ample time preparing for speaking engagements, so you don’t want the time, expense, or fuss of setting up an AV system. Fortunately, you can amplify your voice easily with our sound lecterns. Unlike traditional setups, the electronics are built into the lectern, so you won’t have to devote hours to getting everything ready. That makes them a great choice for schools, churches, and workplaces. Go over the features you can find in our lineup of lecterns from Oklahoma Sound and other top manufacturers.

Amplify Your Message with Built-In Electronics

Our powered lecterns include all the audio essentials, so you won’t need external equipment. When you browse through our offerings, you’ll find church, work, and school lecterns with amplifiers, speakers, microphones, outputs, controls, and more. You can also choose one of our sound lecterns that allows you to expand the system. For instance, some lecterns have line-out jacks, so you can add additional speakers or record your speech if you wish.

Go Wireless with Our Sound Lecterns

Do you like to walk around the stage when speaking to the audience? You can choose from lecterns that have wireless microphone capability. Then, you can roam from behind the podium to the front of the stage without missing a beat. Many people state these are the best sound lecterns due to the options they provide.

Get One Lectern for the Entire Building

If you’re operating on a tight budget, you can get a mobile lectern instead of purchasing several for space. These podiums have durable casters that you can use to roll the lectern into another room. Then, you just need to put it in position and begin the speech.

Our fixed and adjustable powered lecterns are available in various styles, sizes, and finishes. Browse through our inventory and find the right one for your school, church, or business. You’ll love the easy setup, features, functionality, and style that your lectern provides.
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