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Presenter Podiums and Speaker Stands

Presenter Podiums and Speaker Stands

Every facility needs something slightly different in non-sound podiums. Some want plenty of storage and wheels. Others need a simple lectern that is light enough to be portable. With options from Oklahoma Sound, MooreCo, Executive Wood Products, Caprock, and more, we have selections for everyone.

Store What You Need to Have on Hand

Even a simple lectern will have somewhere to put a few papers, so the speaker can easily look at their notes. But we also have metal and wood lecterns with much more storage than this. Some have a few inches of storage right under the top to easily fit a binder or book. Others have complete shelves under the podium. Some even have cabinets complete with doors.

A handful of our non-sound podiums even have an extra surface area on the top via slide-out or fold-out portions. These are great for holding computers and notes, even more papers than normal, or a cup of water in addition to the required notes.

Choose Your Level of Transportability

Depending on your space, you may want a sturdy, solid, wood lectern that isn’t easy to move. This style is particularly popular in lecture halls and other areas that are always used for the same purpose. Or maybe you want a lightweight pedestal lectern that is easy to carry or a larger podium on wheels. Those are great for multi-purpose spaces or areas like classrooms and lecture halls where you want to give the speaker more control over where they stand.

If you need something very highly transportable, then we even have table-top lecterns. These sit on top of a table, counter, or another piece of furniture, so they are much shorter. That makes them lightweight and versatile. On the other end of the spectrum, we have combinations of podiums and desks, perfect for teachers.
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