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Library Book Trucks and Library Book Caddies

No matter the size of your library or where it is, you will need book carts to move books around. Book carts are just as important in school libraries as they are in public libraries. With library book carts, librarians won’t have to carry heavy piles of books. Book carts make the task of keeping books organized easier.

Book Carts Are Versatile

Library carts are incredibly versatile, with so many uses. You can use them to sort the returned books and then put them back in their proper place. You can use them to sort new books to add to the library. If you want to collect books of a certain theme, you can do so with book trucks. For school libraries, book carts also make it easy for teachers to bring a large number of books from the library to the classroom.

Book Sturdy

The weight of books can quickly add up. That is why all library carts sold by Worthington Direct are sturdy. They come from Smith System, Gratnells, Safco Products, and other top brands known for durability. We also have heavy-duty options, such as those from Diversified Woodcrafts.

Unique Styles Available

Most of our library carts follow the traditional design of a sturdy set of two or three shelves on wheels. However, there are plenty of exceptions for those who need something different. For example, you can choose a cart that will accommodate larger books or is made from wire instead of solid metal. We also have options that include book returns and those designed for children’s classrooms, where the books will be on display. Or consider a rolling kid bin that is great for having young students help move the books around.

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