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Study Carrels and Computer Carrels

Library Study Carrels

Libraries are meant to offer a quiet place to read, study, and research, and the right setup can facilitate that. We carry library study carrels from top brands, such as Smith Carrel and Balt, that will help you transform the space. Learn more about your options, and then choose pieces that will help you create the right environment.

Study Carrels for All Setups and Configuration

We have a wide range of options, making it easy to find the right community or school library furniture. If the students or patrons need quiet places to work, you can add our sitting computer carrels to your library. On the other hand, stand-up study carrels are ideal if you want to prevent kids and patrons from sitting too long in the library.

While you can buy a single carrel desk, you can also fill the entire space with study stations. You can begin with one of our starter carrels and then purchase add-on carrels to build one or more rows. Then, every patron or student will have a place to sit without interruptions.

Allow for Collaboration

While computer carrels are designed to provide privacy and prevent distractions, patrons or students might need to collaborate from time to time. This is most common in school libraries, where kids might need to work on projects together. You can keep them on track and focused with a conference carrel. We have conference carrels available as standalone units, or you can get a starter carrel and add to it. This school library furniture is an asset to students, so consider it when shopping.

Enjoy Versatility with Tabletop Study Carrels

Your needs might change throughout the year. You can easily adapt to all situations with a tabletop study carrel. Instead of purchasing an entire desk, you can put this carrel on top of a table. Then, multiple patrons or students can share the same space without fear of interruption.

Whether you’re searching for school library furniture or something for a community library, we have lots of options. Browse through our inventory and get the pieces you need for your space.
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