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School Lockers and Student Lockers

No matter the age of your students, they need somewhere to store their items. School lockers are a traditional option. They give your students secure storage and minimize the need to carry items between classes. Even if students just keep their coats in hallway school lockers, this helps make school life easier.

Safety View Options Available

Most of the student lockers are made of solid metal, providing privacy as well as a place to store items. But if you have safety concerns, you may want to consider some of the safety view lockers. This variety of classroom lockers features completely clear doors or doors with multiple windows in them. These are an excellent way of ensuring that students don’t store items that aren’t allowed in their school lockers.

Locker Groups of Varying Sizes

As you browse the hallway school lockers we offer here at Worthington Direct, you will notice that they come in various sizes. Some have single frames with just one locker wide, while others are two or three lockers wide to minimize assembly time when creating a long bank of lockers. This gives you additional versatility, as it lets you get the exact number of lockers you need. 

Choose Locker Height

Student lockers available at Worthington Direct also come in different heights. Some feature only a single locker for each vertical division, while others divide each vertical section into two lockers, one on top and one on the bottom. Some even have three rows of lockers. Look at all the options from Steel Cabinets USA, Hallowell, Diversified Woodcrafts, and other brands before deciding which style makes the most sense for your school.

Locker Variations

In addition to the traditional student lockers, we also have other storage and personnel lockers that may work for you. Wood lockers are popular for althetic departments, and plastic lockers are ideal for aquatic areas and swim locker rooms . Don’t forget important accessories, such as locker number plates and locks.

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