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School Lockers

Student Lockers

Make Worthington Direct your first and last stop for durable school lockers that meet the storage needs and capacity requirements for your school. We know when it comes to lockers for students, one size does not fit all.

Chances are your school has several areas on campus that require specialized lockers to accommodate unique needs or special school equipment. We offer many types and sizes to choose from making it easy to find the storage solution that works for your campus.

Types of School Lockers 

Sometimes a student requires more than one type of locker for school depending on the curriculum, extracurricular activities, or both!

Some students may need a safe place to simply store their books and jackets for the school day, while others also have sports equipment or musical instruments that need storing. No matter the need, Worthington Direct has a school locker for that!

Single- and Double-Tiered Lockers

Single- and double-tiered lockers are among the most traditional types of lockers found lining school hallways. These types of lockers consist of one or two vertical compartments with a hinged door that can be locked with either a padlock, or built-in combination lock or digital lock. With ample storage space, they provide students with plenty of room for storing books, bags, school supplies, and coats.

Four-, Five-, and Six-Tiered Lockers

If your school is limited on space, four-, five-, and six-tier lockers may be what you need. These lockers have four, five, or six compartments stacked vertically, offering a lot of storage capacity for a small space. And just like their single- and double-tiered counterparts, their doors can also be secured with the same types of locking devices.

Athletic or Gym Lockers

School gyms and athletic training rooms will always have a need for athletic lockers. Usually larger than traditional lockers for schools, they are specifically designed to provide a designated space for student athletes to store their sports equipment and uniforms. Typically, gym lockers and sports lockers feature a vented design to allow for proper air circulation and are made of durable materials to withstand heavy use.

Digital Device Lockers

Digital device lockers are great additions to school testing centers, libraries, and computer or STEM labs. As the name suggest, they are designed for storing laptops, cell phones, iPads, and other electronic devices. Cell phone and tablet lockers often have built-in power outlets for charging the devices and locking mechanisms to keep them secure.

Music Instrument Lockers

Music instrument lockers offer school bands and orchestra ensembles a safe place to store musical instruments to protect them from damage and environmental factors when not in use. These specialized lockers can be equipped with additional features such as adjustable shelves, ventilation systems, built-in instrument racks, and padded interiors to protect delicate instruments.

Privacy or Safety View Lockers

While most student lockers feature a solid door that provides privacy, you may want to consider some of the safety view lockers. This variety of classroom locker features completely clear doors or doors with multiple windows in them. These are an excellent way of ensuring that students don’t store items that aren’t allowed in their school lockers.

As you browse our selection of school lockers, you will notice that they come in various height and sizes to accommodate different interior spaces. Some have single frames with just one locker wide, while others are two or three lockers wide to minimize assembly time when creating a long bank of lockers. This gives you additional versatility and lets you get the exact number of lockers you need.

What Are School Lockers Made Of?

School lockers are commonly made of steel or a combination of steel and other materials such as wood, plastic or laminate.

  • Steel lockers are the most common types of lockers found flanking elementary school through high school hallways because of their durability and strength.
  • Wood lockers provide a traditional, classic look and feel and may be a good option for libraries or smaller learning environments.
  • Plastic lockers and laminate lockers are often chosen for their resistance to moisture and are ideal for aquatic areas and swim-team locker rooms.

Overall, the material used to make lockers will depend on the specific needs of your school or institution, including factors such as durability, security, and aesthetic appeal.

Where to Buy School Lockers?

Not sure which locker is best for your needs? Check out our School Lockers Buying Guide. If you don't find the lockers you're looking for, or would like help figuring out what you need, call us at 800-599-6636. Our friendly sales team will help you find the right lockers and accessories for your space. 

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