Computer Furniture Accessories

Computer Furniture Accessories

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  • Swivel Cup Holder for Desk or Table
  • Tablet Side Table
  • Augmented Reality Sandbox
  • Moorepower Power Tower
    Moorepower Power Tower
  • LuxPower Mobile AC & USB Charging Tower
  • 7-Outlet Electrical Unit
  • Adjustable Keyboard Tray (20'' W)
  • Adjustable Keyboard Tray (25'' W)
  • Clamp Mount Outlet and USB Charger
  • Double Flat Panel Monitor Arm
  • Soft Seating Power Accessories
    As low as $349.95
  • KwikBoost EdgePower Charging System Bundles
    As low as $555.95

Computer Furniture Accessories and Tech Furniture Accessories

Makerspaces are all about providing their users with tools to get projects done, as well as the ability to collaborate with others. Our computer furniture accessories can help with the first of these, while the furniture itself can make collaboration easy.

Display the Tech With Ease

Many of our computer table accessories are designed to make it easier for people to view monitors or use the other tech in the makerspace. For example, we have sit-stand work surfaces from RightAngle and tablet side tables from Balt. Or consider flat-panel monitor arms from Regency or monitor mounts from Smith System. If your tech is a bit more unique, you can even find an augmented reality sandbox.

Keep the Tech Charged

Our office furniture accessories acknowledge that you will need to keep all of the devices charged at any given moment, something that is easier said than done when there are dozens of devices. Keep things simple with a clamp mount outlet and USB charger by each user’s area. Or choose more collaborative computer furniture accessories, such as charging system bundles, charging towers, and pop-up or tabletop outlets. We even have electric assemblies to get everything set up.

Other Accessories

In addition to the computer table accessories to display and charge devices, there are plenty of other accessories as well. Maybe you want to make some of the user stations in your makerspace more private with privacy panels. Or maybe you want to install cup holders to encourage people to keep their drinks off of the tables and out of the way of electronics. Or maybe you want to offer trays that fit under the desks and let you or the users store extra tools and paper.

All of the computer furniture accessories are there to make your space more useful and easier for people to use.

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