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Stand Up Desks and Stand Up School Desks

Stand Up desks are becoming a popular choice in school classrooms today. Standing school desks keep kids focused while allowing them to stand and burn-off some of their youthful energy. The AlphaBetter stand-up desk by Safco Products features a swinging foot bar that promotes active sitting. Stand-up school desks come in a variety of colors and are height adjustable to fit in any classroom or grade level. Other stand-up desks and kiosks make ideal office workstations for employees who desire a standing height desk. The stand-up kiosks are also popular in public commercial spaces as convenience areas or guest computer terminals. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional school desks, give these stand-up desks a try.

When ordering standing desks for your school or we recommend that you order stools to provide the option to sit periodically. Allow around 8-10 inches between the desk top and your stool's seat for ideal comfort. Contact us for volume quotes and questions about any stand up style desk available for purchase.
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