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Dry Erase Classroom Tables

Dry Erase Markerboard Top Tables and Desks

A well-designed makerspace is one with furniture that helps students become more creative. An excellent example of such furniture is a dry erase table. Also known as a whiteboard table, a dry erase desk comes with a writable surface of high-pressure laminate.

Imagine placing a whiteboard on top of a conventional table, and you get a picture of what a whiteboard desk is. Below are some of the benefits of having a dry erase table in a makerspace.

More Creative Students

A makerspace needs to inspire creativity among students. A dry erase table can boost creativity by allowing students to express their thoughts and ideas quickly without using a piece of paper. If they make a mistake, they can erase their work and try again. The fear of committing a mistake is reduced if not completely removed. In the process, creative juices can flow without hindrance.

Bring Students Together

A dry erase table is a tool for collaboration. It allows students to share their ideas while gathering around the table. There's no need for them to stand up and use a standard whiteboard or express their ideas on paper they have to pass around.

Whiteboard tables can facilitate brainstorming. Members of a group can instantly put all of their ideas in one space and make corrections to their work. So after finishing, they can take a photo of their work so they can refer to it later.

Benefits for Teachers

A dry erase table is not only suitable for students. They can also benefit teachers. These tables allow teachers to easily view the students' work and make corrections if needed. Some dry erase tables can also be flipped so students can easily present their work to teachers. Excellent examples of flippable dry erase tables are the ones from MooreCo and Muzo.

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