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Makerspace Tables

Hands-on activities are crucial for learning, and you will easily find work tables that you need for those activities in our inventory here at Worthington Direct. Some of our tables are specifically designed for shop classes, while others are ideal for makerspaces, and yet others are versatile enough to work for either. You will find shop tables from Haskell, CEF, Smith System, and other leading brands, all of which will give you confidence in their durability and functionality.

Decide How Much Storage You Need

Many of the workshop tables in our inventory have storage. Decide whether you need a table with storage, and if so, how much and what type do you need? Do you want just a single row of drawers? Do you prefer cabinets? Do you need empty shelves or slots for supplies? We have working tables that fit all these descriptions.

Portable Options Available

As you think about your requirements for shop tables, consider where you will use them. Will they be in the same classroom all the time? Or will they be moved between spaces? If the latter is the case, consider one of the many options that sit on wheels. If they’ll primarily stay in the same room, though, opt for one of the work tables without wheels. This reduces the risk of the table rolling while students work.

With or Without Chairs

Another decision to make as you browse our workshop tables is whether you want seating to come with your chosen table. Many of our options don’t come with seating, allowing you to use the stools you already have or buy whichever ones you prefer. But if you prefer the convenience of getting a set, we have plenty of working tables that include stools. Many of them even fit together easily for storage. Some stools are even magnetic and attach to the table.

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