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Bollards and Barriers

Bollards and Barriers

Keeping the property and people safe are both top priorities for facilities. Thus, bollards and barriers are vital pieces of facility equipment. You can use them to control crowds, prevent collisions, protect property, and more. Learn more about our bollards and barriers for schools, offices, and other facilities so that you can choose the best options for your outdoor spaces.

Safety and Crowd Barriers

We have an extensive lineup of safety bollards and crowd barriers from UltraPlay and other leading manufacturers. You will find surface and in-ground mount options in a variety of designs. The timeless styles can enhance your landscaping while providing security and crowd control. Additionally, these bollards are available in an assortment of colors, from elegant dark gray to purple, yellow, and so much more. Thus, if you want bright school bollards to create a fun space or elegant, modern barriers for the office, we have the facility equipment for you.

Collapsible Bollards and Barriers

We also offer collapsible bollards and barriers for those that need flexibility when dealing with crowd and vehicle control. You can set the barrier to the upright position when you need to restrict traffic. Once you’re ready to reopen the space, you can collapse the bollard so pedestrians or vehicles can pass.

Bike Bollards for Tight Spaces

You can protect pedestrians, motorists, and property while providing a place to store their bicycles with bike bollards. These provide the same protection and crowd control elements as traditional bollards. However, people can secure their bicycles before going inside your facility when you set these up in front of your building.

Barriers to Protect Landscaping

We even have barriers you can use to protect your facility’s landscaping. Railroad ties from Frog Furnishings are a top choice. They’re durable and easy to configure, so you can customize the layout to protect gardens, trees, and more.

Our bollards and barriers make it easy to maintain your facility’s style while protecting people and property. Whether you want a permanent or collapsible solution, you’ll find it here. Start shopping today so you can enhance safety and security at your facility."
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