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Dry Erase Panels and Unframed Markerboard

Dry Erase Panels and Unframed Markerboard

Installing dry erase panels along with other office furniture is an excellent way to improve the versatility of your workspace.

Use these panels or resurfacing boards to freshen up the board you use for announcements at the front of the office. Or maybe use them to display a welcome message to visitors who come into the office.

You can also use these retro panels to upgrade old boards in offices or conference rooms to dry erase ones. After all, the usefulness of a whiteboard in a conference space is impossible to understate. And there are also numerous applications inside offices, from leaving notes to others to brainstorming to making to-do lists.

Skins That Are Easy to Install

If you are hesitant about the cost of replacing your boards or installing new ones, consider dry erase skins. They are more affordable than solid panels and much easier to install as well. This means that you can quickly and easily upgrade existing boards with them.

Or Get Solid Boards

If you prefer something a bit more solid than dry erase skins, we also have solid dry erase panels from Best-Rite. Their lack of frame reduces the price somewhat and helps them fit in any office space without an issue. They are made from sturdy materials, like porcelain steel, so you can count on their durability.

Upgrade Existing Boards

Maybe your office already has dry erase panels, but they are starting to look dingy, and no amount of cleaning can fix them. This is when resurfacing boards comes in handy, as you don’t have to replace the entire structure. Replacement vinyl, for example, is incredibly easy to install. The same is true of self-adhesive markerboards. You don’t even need to hire someone to install these retro panels for you, as they are so user-friendly.
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