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Conference and Boardroom Tables

Conference Tables and Boardroom Tables

Conference tables serve as the main focal point of meeting rooms. Employees share ideas and exchange insights as they sit around the table. Remembering the four Fs - form, function, fit, and fashion - can help you to choose the right conference table.


The first thing that people usually notice about a conference table is the shape. Experts believe that the way people perceive shape can affect their mood and performance.

A conference room round table can evoke a feeling of inclusion and belonging. This is because the circle symbolizes power, energy, and unity. Hon and Mooreco have created well-designed round conference tables.

A square table is associated with stability, order, and discipline. It can boost productivity because it evokes security. Triangular tables suggest motion, progress, and purpose.


Conference tables have evolved through the years along with developments in the workplace. Office meetings used to be static encounters. In recent years, companies have adopted practices to make meetings more engaging and productive.

Furniture designers had to catch up and began making functional conference room tables. Olio Designs and Right Angle have created multi-purpose tables that offer flexibility to office workers.


Consider the size of your conference room before you buy a conference table. There should be enough space around the table for people to comfortably walk around.

Small conference tables naturally go with small rooms. You should also consider the number of people who will use the conference table at a given time and make sure they will all fit around the table.


Aesthetics can have a big impact on worker productivity. Thus, it’s important to choose a well-designed table. Tired of the usual oval or rectangular table? Other options include boat-shaped conference tables and horseshoe-standing height meeting tables. Make sure that the table you’ll get will go well with the overall theme of your meeting room or office.

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