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Study Carrels and Computer Carrels

Library Study Carrels

Limiting distractions is important when running an office. You need your employees to have quiet spaces to focus and work while still having the ability to collaborate as needed. Our library study carrels will help you create a productive work environment for your employees. With options from brands that include Balt and Smith Carrel, our study carrels are well-made, durable, easy to set up, and effective. While you might think of these options as school library furniture, they’re just as effective in workplaces, so get more information and start shopping today.

Flexible Solutions for Offices

We offer a variety of study carrels for offices of all sizes. For example, you can choose a sit-down study carrel desk for testing and onboarding employees or a stand-up study carrel for those who want to maintain privacy while avoiding prolonged sitting.

If you want to foster effective collaborations, a conference study carrel is the right choice. Two people can work together while shutting out the rest of the office.

Additionally, you can choose stand-alone study carrels that you can place on top of tables or desks. Then, you can infuse some instant privacy into the workspace.

Turn Open Spaces into Workstations

If you want to turn an open space into several private workstations, two-or three-panel study carrels can accomplish that. They allow you to screen off areas of the workspace for different employees. Similar to cubicles, your staff won’t have any trouble concentrating once they have their own workstation.

Cost-Saving Study Carrel Desk Solutions

Staying in the black when running an office is stressful, so you might need to add furniture slowly when creating the perfect environment for your employees. That’s not a problem with our starter carrels. These systems are designed to allow you to expand with add-on carrels as you wish. That way, you can add more furniture as you grow your business.

Whether you want a single study carrel desk or a complete system, we have options for you. Browse through our inventory for the office furniture you need to get more out of the space.
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