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Portable Partitions and Mobile Room Dividers

Portable Room Divider Walls on Wheels

Portable partitions solve special problems in offices, schools and public areas. While they can be left in place for years at a time, you still have the option to move them when not needed. Building under construction and need to create temporary work areas or classrooms Portable room divider walls are ideal as transitional walls. Some portable partition walls are mobile and can be easily moved about on wheels. Others are lightweight enough to be transported away when not in use. Portable room dividers come in many colors and sizes to best suit your school or office space.

Modular portable room divider walls on wheels come in several sizes and with a variety of connectors so that you can create a unique work space without the permanence of standard cubicle walls.

We also carry a variety of portable room dividers designed for special applications such as Healthflex privacy screens which are popular in healthcare facilities and school nurses' stations. Welding screens are also available for shop and instructional programs involving metal work.

Contact us if you have questions about dividing your space. Use our live chat feature, email emailprotected, or call us at 800-599-6636. We're happy to help
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