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Portable Partitions and Mobile Room Dividers

Large, open office spaces facilitate collaboration but make it challenging for employees to tune out distractions and focus. Fortunately, our portable partitions and mobile room dividers provide an easy solution to this problem. With the lightweight and wheeled options, these office partitions are easy to move when you need to change up the space but durable and stable when in position. Learn more about these mobile office solutions so that you can customize your space.

Adds Room Versatility

If you have an open-plan office space, placing portable partitions is a great way to add privacy as needed. Or maybe you are hosting an event with various stations that you need to separate. Perhaps you have multiple teams working on different projects in the same space and need room dividers on wheels to provide privacy.

Some of our office partitions also provide noise reduction. This is a top feature for busy offices that need to set up different workspaces. Each space will be quiet and free of distractions with these panels.

Easily Configurable Setups

All portable wall dividers from Worthington Direct are easy to use and store. Many of our portable partitions and mobile room dividers are configurable, allowing you to create your desired layout. You can divide rooms in half, cordon off space, or create separate offices. If you want to change the layout, you can pick up or roll the dividers into new positions.

Keep Employees Healthy with Office Partitions

You probably don’t think of office furniture as health and safety equipment, but it can be when buying one of our Healthflex partitions. Due to the antimicrobial coating, you can reduce the spread of germs while promoting a quiet, distraction-free environment.

Browse through our portable partitions and mobile room dividers from National Public Seating, Screenflex, and other top manufacturers. This office furniture will help you create the ideal environment for employees and customers.

Accessories to Upgrade

To make the most of your room dividers on wheels, consider the accessories you can add. For example, consider a markerboard that can hang from them for meeting notes. You can also add acoustic protection for a desktop to increase privacy. You’ll find plenty of useful options among the accessories from Screenflex, Ghent, Luxor, and other top brands.

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