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Classroom Wardrobes and Teacher Storage Cabinets

Classroom Wardrobes and Teacher Storage Cabinets

Don’t be fooled by the name teacher cabinet; these wardrobes and cabinets are versatile enough to work in any space. Yes, they work well in teachers’ offices or classrooms, but they are also excellent choices for use in the office.

Take Advantage of the Small Footprint

Part of the versatility of these wardrobe cabinets comes from the fact that they have such a small footprint. At the same time, they are nice and tall, maximizing the space for storage without taking up too much room. They are a great alternative to any space where a closet would be useful.

Use Them Anywhere

If you place these in a private office, they will take up minimal space. Or consider putting a few of them side-by-side against the wall of an open-plan office space with cubicles. You could use them for storing extra office supplies or as a place for employees to store their personal items.

Depending on how you use these combination storage cabinets, you may want to take advantage of one of the options with a lock.

Versatility Comes From the Styles

Much of the versatility of these teacher cabinets comes from the choices in terms of style. If you want to store office supplies, consider options with glass on the doors so your employees can easily tell what’s inside at a glance. Otherwise, consider solid doors.

You can choose a rack with hangers if you need a coat locker. Consider a cabinet with drawers if you need somewhere for files. Stick to shelves for general organization.

Some of our teacher cabinets are even on wheels, so you can move them around the office based on where you need extra storage. They can also store communal supplies in them and let employees move the cabinets when they need the supplies in a specific area.

Enjoy Sturdiness

Every single one of our combination storage cabinets is sturdy and ready to withstand regular use in an office. You’ll notice brands you can trust, such as Hallowell, Hon, and Smith System.
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