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U-Shaped Desks and U-Shaped Executive Desks

Looking for a sturdy desk that has plenty of storage and writing space? U-shaped desks from Worthington Direct can be an excellent option. U-shaped desks give you three full sides of writing surfaces or places to put important papers, instead of just one side you would get with a regular desk. While you could get a similar amount of writing space with an extra-long desk, that would require moving around to reach every part. By contrast, you only have to swivel your seat to reach everywhere on a U-shaped executive desk.

Basic Options Available

If you don’t need a lot of extra storage with your U-shaped office desks, consider basic options from Worthington Direct. We have desks that are mostly just the desktop portion with a file cabinet or two. Some have mobile file cabinets, letting you customize the desk to your specific work related needs.

Need More Desks Storage?

Or maybe you need a lot of storage space. In that case, you will want to consider one of the U-shaped desks with hutch or pedestal file cabinets. Many also feature file cabinets and drawers on at least one side of the desk. Some options prioritize legroom while other designs prioritize storage space, and many find a happy medium. This lets you choose how much storage you need from your U-shaped executive desk.

Consider a Suite

After looking at U-shaped executive desks, there are other pieces of furniture you will need in your office. You will want additional bookshelves, seating, and side tables. Make choosing everything a breeze with a complete office suite that features U-shaped desks and other workspace furniture.

Select Your Favorite Brand

Do you have a favorite brand for office furniture? Our U-shaped office desks include options from NDI Office Furniture, OfficeSource, OFD Office Furniture, Regency, and more. These are all industry-leading brands known for their reliable office furniture.


Learn more about selecting the right U-shaped desk for your office or school in our Buyer's Guide: Office Desks.

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