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Bollards and Barriers

Bollards and Barriers

Controlling crowds while protecting property is easy with our bollards and barriers. With this outdoor furniture, you can restrict access to areas, prevent collisions, and improve the flow of foot and vehicle traffic. Learn more about your options from UltraPlay and leading manufactures.

Stylish Bollards and Barriers for All Needs

Our surface and in-ground mount crowd barriers are modern, stylish, and available in numerous colors and sizes. Additionally, they have various features, making it easy to find the right bollards to place along sidewalks, in parking lots, in front of your building, and more. No matter the option you select, you can rest assured that it will be durable and high-quality. These crowd barriers are built to last, so you can enjoy years of protection with these products.

Bollards and Barriers for Seated Areas

Bollards and seating also go hand in hand. Facility owners often add bollards around outdoor seats to protect people from motorists. While this is most popular for restaurants, office spaces, churches, and others can also benefit from the added protection.

Enjoy Flexibility with Collapsible Crowd Barriers

Do your crowd and traffic control needs change regularly? If so, collapsible bollards can rise to the occasion. Once installed, can put them in the upright position when restricting access. Then, just collapse the barriers to re-open the space to vehicles or foot traffic. They are so easy to use that you can get ready for events in an instant and re-open the spaces just as quickly.

Fashionable Bike Bollards

We even have bike bollards if you want to give customers, employees, or patrons a place to lock up their bicycles without sacrificing style and safety. This outdoor furniture has the same modern look and style as traditional crowd barriers, along with the option of securing bikes.

Our modern bollards and barriers are easy to install but durable enough to stand up to the elements, crowds, and vehicles. Browse through our available inventory today so you can add the pieces you need to your outdoor space.
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