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Mounting Accessories by Frog Furnishings

As Low As $31.95
MSRP $54.00 Save 41%
In-Ground J-Bolt Kit
Stock #61052 Model #PB 1999
Surface L-Bracket Kit
Stock #61053 Model #PB 1008
Surface U-Bracket Kit
Stock #61054 Model #PB 1998
In-Ground T-Mount
Stock #61055 Model #PB 1997
Surface Elite Bolt Kit
Stock #61056 Model #PB 1008JAY
Surface Post Mount Kit
Stock #61057 Model #PB 1995
Custom Engraving for Frog Furnishings Bench
Stock #61058 Model #PB ENGR
Many of Frog Furnishings' site furniture pieces are sturdy enough to be placed in service without using an in-ground or surface mount. However, all of their products are designed with easy mounting in mind.

  • Choose from a variety of mounting kits
  • Kits are designed for use with Frog Furnishings products
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