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Outdoor & Indoor Planters and Planter Boxes

Outdoor and Indoor Planters and Planter Boxes

If you have an outdoor area at your office, park district, school, church, or store, adding outdoor planter boxes is a great way to liven up the space. Homeowners can even use these planters to add greenery to their space and boost their curb appeal.

Numerous Styles to Choose From

When it comes to outdoor planters, you will have your choice of style. Many planters are short and will only be a foot or two tall, even with a plant inside. Of course, these are versatile enough to use as indoor planters on tables or other surfaces to give them some height.

Yet other planters have a base at least several feet tall. These give the plants a boost and bring them closer to eye level. Yet others have benches connecting them, offering a seating area in addition to greenery. Of course, you will also get to choose from circular and rectangular or square office planters.

Plenty of Color and Material Options

In addition to the range of heights and overall design, you will find your choice of colors and materials for outdoor planters. From wood to ceramic to metal, you can opt for brown, white, green, black, gray, or other colors. There are even variations of those shades depending on whether you are looking at office planters from UltraPlay, Magnuson Group, Trinity, or another brand.

They Work in Any Space

The great thing about these outdoor planters is that they are incredibly versatile. Schools, office buildings, churches, and stores can place them right by the entrance doors to add a pop of color. Or, if you have an outdoor seating area, you can add planters to make it feel more relaxing and connected with nature. That is even an option for restaurants and cafes in addition to office outdoor break areas.
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