A & D Crossfit Desks + Podium - On Sale Now!


The A&D® Crossfit Desk Series are crafted with mobility and space reconfiguration in mind. They offer a flexible solution, easily adaptable to the dynamic needs of learning environments, enabling learning to take place seamlessly in any setting. Engage students effectively by instructing from various positions, promoting continuous focus and involvement throughout the lesson.


A&D Crossfit Adjustable Flip Top Desks
A&D Crossfit Fixed Height Flip Top Desks
A & D Crossfit School Teacher Desk
Special Price $760.95 Regular Price $823.95
A & D Crossfit School Teacher Podium
Special Price $1,135.95 Regular Price $1,228.95



Teach-It Intuitive Teacher Desk & Switch-It Desk Return - On Sale Now!


The TEACH-IT Intuitive Teacher Desk combines style, durability, and adaptability, making it an ideal addition to your classroom, training facility, or test-taking center. Enhance your classroom experience with this teacher desk, which not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures long-lasting performance and flexibility to suit various teaching needs. Combine it with the Switch-It Desk Return, providing additional workspace on the fly while neatly folding away to maintain a discreet footprint.


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Crossfit Motion Desks + Storage Caddy - On Sale Now!


Paragon's A & D Crossfit Motion series standing desks elevate the teaching and learning experience for teachers and students alike. With a height-adjustable frame, these desks accommodate both traditional seated learning and dynamic standing sessions. Their sturdy construction, including a flattened oval tube aluminum column with pneumatic lift and polished aluminum base, offers stability, while dual locking casters ensure mobility and steady positioning during lectures.




Crossfit Motion Desk (Rectangle Surface/Edge)
Special Price $980.95 Regular Price $1,060.95
Crossfit Motion Desk (Rectangle Surface/Edge)
Crossfit Motion Desk (Koi Surface/Edge)
Special Price $980.95 Regular Price $1,060.95
Storage Caddy for Crossfit Motion Desk
Special Price $80.95 Regular Price $86.95




File-It Mobile Filing Cabinet - On Sale Now!


The File-It Filing Cabinet on casters is perfect for your on-the-go storage needs. Featuring a box/box/file configuration, it comes in vibrant colors to complement or add a pop of brightness into any space. 



Standing Height Workstation - On Sale Now!


The Paragon Standing Desk is a robust workstation set at standing height, meticulously crafted for classrooms, makerspaces, libraries, and similar educational environments.




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