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Room Partitions and Room Dividers

Every building can benefit from room partitions at some point. Maybe you want to divide a larger space into smaller areas for meetings. Or maybe you just want to add privacy or protect your staff from germs. No matter the type you need, you will find room dividers and partitions at Worthington Direct.

Our selection of dividers and partitions includes options for classrooms, offices, libraries, meeting spaces, doctors’ offices, churches, and more.

Get Clear Room Partitions Dividers for Sanitation 

In the last few years, more places have been investing in clear dividers or sneeze guards. These reduce exposure to germs for your team and clients, students, or anyone else entering the space.

Choose From Various Styles of Traditional Room Partitions

If you need to divide up a larger space or provide some privacy, we have several styles of classroom partitions to consider. Screenflex partitions are incredibly versatile and are lighter in weight than some of the other styles. Or you can opt for a sturdier portable divider or partition.

These traditional room dividers and partitions are convenient and versatile. Best of all, they fold up into much smaller pieces when not in use, taking up a fraction of the storage space you would expect them to need. As such, you can easily leave them tucked against a wall or in a storage closet when not in use.

Tri-Fold Room Partitions

In addition to traditional dividers with just two sides, we also have winged and tri-fold dividers. You can combine these with traditional room partitions dividers to break the space into three or more sections. Or you can even use them for displays, such as in art shows.

Find Office Room Dividers and Partitions

One very popular use of room dividers is to split up a large office space into smaller cubicles or mini-offices. You can easily adjust standard room partitions to do this, or you can make it even easier with dedicated dividers for cubicles. These are very simple to set up, and they don’t require you to plan the layout as carefully as you would have to with traditional dividers.

Get Classroom Partitions With an Extra Function

If space is at a premium or your classrooms don’t already have permanent whiteboards, consider partitions made from dry-erase boards, bulletin boards, or something similar. These let you make the most of the available space and turn the divider into a very functional wall.

Other Unique Room Dividers and Partitions

Worthington Direct also carries other unique dividers, as every space is different and has unique needs.

If you have a nursery, for example, consider crib dividers. Place these between cribs to prevent babies from distracting each other during naptime. We also have a full selection of classroom partitions specifically designed for daycares and preschools. Some have pretty nature designs on them, while others are more versatile. Or consider a gate or anti-ballistic panel to add a layer of security to the space.

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