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Crib Dividers

Crib Dividers

Partitions and room dividers are often used to create workstations in offices. However, they’re also a fantastic solution for keeping infants safe. By setting up room dividers, you can place cribs close together without children sharing germs or becoming overstimulated from noise. Additionally, our dividers from Jonti-Craft and other top brands are clear, so parents or staff can monitor the children without taking down the partition. Learn more about choosing a room divider for a baby crib so that you can find the right option for your space.

Partitions and Room Dividers for Busy Spaces

If you want an economical solution, browse through our inventory of standing floor partitions. You can position the clear partitions between cribs if multiple children are present. Additionally, these dividers create a barrier between desks, tables, and other pieces of furniture. If you’re in an office environment, a single partition might be enough to meet your needs. However, you might require several nursery dividers if you’re working in an environment with young children. Then you can customize the space to provide ample protection.

Whether you go with one or several partitions, they’re designed to keep children from spreading germs while reducing noise. At the same time, they allow for air circulation, and parents and staff can supervise the kids through the clear acrylic material.

Supervise Babies With Crib Dividers

You can also look through our crib dividers if you need to separate two or more cribs. The panels on the baby room dividers provide a barrier between cribs. Thus, they prevent the spread of airborne illnesses and diseases. Additionally, they help babies get a good day’s sleep by reducing noises from other cribs. As with our partitions and room dividers, supervision is easy, thanks to the see-through panels.

Our crib partitions and room dividers are suitable for offices, daycares, nurseries, churches, and more. Thus, whether you work with kids full-time or have children in the office from time to time, they can help you keep the little ones safe and the adults productive. Browse through our available options today so you can create the right environment.
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