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Display Partitions and Whiteboard Dividers

Display Partitions and Whiteboard Dividers

Nearly any large space will want to have some partitions on hand. Schools, churches, offices, park districts, event spaces, and any other large building may occasionally find themselves with the need to divide a room into smaller areas. This is great for smaller events or dividing groups up as part of a larger event.
But you don’t need to stick to boring partitions, as whiteboard dividers add functionality.

Get an Extra Function

Using display partitions means that you automatically get the room-dividing abilities of the partitions. But instead of just having a blank wall, you get a useful surface that people can write on. They can keep the dry-erase partition clean and let it work like any other divider. Or they can take advantage of the surface.

They Are Highly Portable

All of the whiteboard partitions come on wheels, making them incredibly portable. The fact that they sit on wheels means that even the largest ones are easy to move for one or two people.

To make them even more portable, all of the larger whiteboard dividers with two or more panels can fold up. This makes them much easier to move, as they become a fraction of the length. It also makes storage much more convenient.

They Can Be an Alternative to Whiteboards

While you are likely to use display partitions as dividers for spaces mostly, they also give you the versatility of replacing a whiteboard if you need one. Just wheel them into a classroom, multi-purpose room, or other area and start using the board.

Multiple Styles, Materials, and Sizes

You will have no issue finding a dry-erase partition, whether you prefer Best-Rite, Luxor, or another brand. We have a variety of heights and widths, as well as varying materials, such as plastic or aluminum. You can also choose from options with varying numbers of panels.
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