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Winged Dividers and Tri-Fold Dividers

Winged Dividers and Tri-Fold Dividers

Classrooms, churches, and companies alike can benefit from partitions and room dividers. We carry options from Best-Rite, Ghent, and others that are ideal for dividing up spaces and displaying artwork, bulletins, and other information. Go over winged divider options so you can set up your space to your liking.

Display Information with a Winged or Tri-Fold Divider

Floor display panels and dividers are commonly used in schools, trade shows, and reception areas. Additionally, they can be useful in employee spaces. For instance, if you work at a school, you might want to show off a student’s winning art display. You can tack the artwork to the panels and then place them in a prominent area for other students to see. You can also use these tri-fold and winged dividers to display marketing materials, employee information, and so much more.

Our display panels are portable, so you can take them from room to room if you wish. You can also easily relocate the panels to storage when they aren’t in use.

Create Private Spaces with a Tri-Fold or Winged Divider

If you need to create defined, private areas in an open space, a classroom divider is a fantastic choice. While often used in schools, these dividers are also common in offices and other spaces. Our dividers feature lightweight aluminum frames that make them easy to move, and you can choose from extras such as whiteboards and tackable vinyl. Additionally, they’re available in various colors and styles, so you can choose something that fits in with the space.

Whether you want to show off an art display or need privacy, we have solutions for your school, church, library, or office. Our products make it easy to create the ideal configuration for any space, so start shopping today. Then, you can get the products you need to customize your space.
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