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Lobby and Waiting Room Tables

Reception Coffee Tables and Waiting Room End Tables

It's important to make a good impression. In a place of business, the reception area is the first thing that people see. This is why business owners should get well-designed waiting room tables in their reception areas.

Your choice of reception table speaks volumes about your company. Reception tables and other waiting room furniture should convey warmth. People should feel welcome when they see the reception table, coffee table, and lounge furniture in your waiting area.

Right Proportion

Get a reception table that is proportionate to your reception area. You need a big reception table if you have a large waiting room. If you're dealing with a small space, you only need a small table.

Massive reception tables are usually reserved for hotel lobbies. For small offices, a modest-sized table will do. Lesro and Woodstock Marketing have compact tables perfect for small rooms. A proportionate table creates balance in the room. The right table size also ensures there’s enough space for receptionists to do their job well.

Right Shape

The shape of your reception table would depend on where you plan to put the desk. If you're placing the table in the middle of the room, it's ideal to have a round desk like the one from Smith System.
You should also consider the shape of the room. If the room is asymmetrical, a curved table is a good choice. No matter what shape you choose, the desk should always face visitors when they walk in.

Modern Design

The style of reception tables should reflect the type of business. The table should reflect security and stability if you're running a bank. If you own a spa, you need a table that projects peace and serenity.
A wooden table is a perfect choice to create a warm and friendly atmosphere. If you want to convey transparency, go with a sleek minimalist desk made of glass.
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