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Round Nexus Picnic Table with Inground Mount (46" Expanded Metal Top & Seats)

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MyTCoat is a leading manufacturer of outdoor commercial furnishings, specializing in Outdoor Benches, Picnic Tables, Trash Receptacles, and Utility Tables. With an extensive manufacturing infrastructure, MyTCoat not only provides durable and stylish outdoor equipment, but they also innovate with their MyTCoat Advantage Coating. This revolutionary protective barrier ensures MyTCoat’s products easily endure the elements, resist fading, scratching, and chipping, all while maintaining an attractive display for your customers, visitors, and guests. This environmentally friendly coating does not contain PVC, phthalates, or fabric softeners, making it a sustainable choice for any setting.

Available in several shapes, colors, coatings, and variations, MyTCoat’s products and services are 100% guaranteed for quality. They offer the flexibility to be easily configured, creating a perfect fit for various environments such as school playgrounds, municipal plazas, tech campuses, and amusement parks. Whether you need robust outdoor furnishings for high-traffic areas or stylish solutions for more tranquil settings, MyTCoat ensures that all your needs are met with the highest standards of performance and aesthetics. Choose MyTCoat for innovative, reliable, and eco-friendly outdoor furniture that enhances any space.

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