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Bollards and Barriers

Bollards and Barriers

From zipping cars to distracted pedestrians, outdoor spaces are full of safety hazards that can lead to dangerous and even fatal accidents. Fortunately, you can increase safety with bollards and barriers. Along with enhancing safety, they can improve sanitation by limiting crowds. Learn more about bollard barriers from UltraPlay and others.

Improve Sanitation and Safety with Collapsible Bollards

Our collapsible crowd barriers give you full control and flexibility when blocking off or opening up spaces. When upright, they restrict access to spaces so crowds cannot gather. This is often used as a health and safety measure to prevent face-to-face interactions. Closing off the spaces can also reduce the risk of collisions and other hazards.

When you’re ready to reopen the space, you just need to collapse the bollard. Then, you can put it back up if you need to restrict access once again. Due to the flexibility, this is a popular choice for those who need school bollards for crossing areas. However, you can also use them for parking lots and garages or other spaces where health and safety are priorities.

Surface and In-Ground Mount Crowd Barriers and Bollards

Our in-ground and surface mount safety bollards provide permanent solutions for outdoor spaces. You can set them up around buildings, along walkways, and more. These bollards go beyond protecting motorists, pedestrians, and property. While safety is the priority, they are also stylish, modern, and available in various sizes and colors. In fact, you’ll discover that adding bollards to your property can enhance the look of the landscaping.

Promote Distancing with Bike Bollards

If you have bike racks outside, you’re likely concerned about crowds. Numerous people likely gather around to secure their bikes, creating an environment for germs to spread. Our bike bollards offer a solution. These bollards can secure up to two bicycles, drastically limiting crowds. Additionally, you can set them up to protect your property and pedestrians.

You can prioritize sanitation and safety by adding bollards and barriers to outdoor spaces. Browse through our extensive inventory to find what you need for your library, office, school, or other space.
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