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Crib Dividers

Crib Dividers

Babies can carry and spread infectious illnesses before showing symptoms, just like adults. That means viral and bacterial illnesses can quickly spread between babies in nurseries, daycares, and offices where parents bring their little ones to work. You can prevent the spread with sanitation and safety products such as crib dividers. These dividers allow for constant supervision while preventing the spread of germs and bacteria from crib to crib or from babies to adults.

Sanitation and Safety Products for Multiple Cribs

Putting cribs close together creates an environment where germs can spread easily. If you’re tasked with supervising two or more infants, a Jonti-Craft crib divider can help you keep everyone safe and healthy. These nursery dividers can separate cribs that are side-by-side and end-to-end. Additionally, you can set up cribs into quadrants with a quad divider.

Each of the crib dividers consists of clear acrylic panels that dampen noise and prevent the spread of germs. Because the panels are see-through, you can also supervise the children while they nap.

Baby Room Dividers for Health and Safety

You can also keep children and adults safe with floor-standing partitions from Whitney Brothers. You can use a portable partition as a daycare crib divider if you wish, but that’s not all. These partitions can also separate cribs from office furniture, activity areas, and more.

Once set up, the see-through acrylic panels will keep germs from floating to other kids or adults. These partitions also reduce noise, so the little ones in your daycare or office can drift off to sleep.

If possible, you want to avoid illness outbreaks at your daycare, office, or church, and these crib dividers can help. Shop for dividers today so you can maintain a safe, sanitized space. Remember that these dividers are easy to move, so you can refigure the space as needed while still getting top-notch protection.
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