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Cubby Storage Towers and Daycare Organizers

Every office, school, and factory must be concerned about the sanitation of the workplace. To
keep everything in order, the facility must have the proper cubby storage cabinet wherein you
can store office supplies, such as paper, pens, calculators, and others. Depending on the size of
the cabinet, you can even store bulkier items there.

Easy to Maintain

These cubbies are made of different materials. They can be made of wood, steel, metal, and
plastic. Steel and metal are the easiest to maintain if you are going to use them in a laboratory,
for example. Laboratories house chemicals that can be harmful when not cleaned properly. A
metal cubby storage is low-maintenance furniture. You can easily wipe it with a non-toxic
cleaning solution.


A cubby storage has several functions. First, you can use them to store supplies. Second, you can
use the top as a workstation. Third, a portable cubby helps transfer materials from one room to
another. And fourth, a cubby with a lockable door can protect sensitive and expensive items such
as laptops from unauthorized personnel in the office.

Office supplies need to have their own cubicles. This prevents contamination. In fact, you can
also find daycare cubbies in the restaurant and hospitality industry. These businesses can use
cubbies to store ingredients and kitchen utensils. You might even find a stainless steel cubby
inside the walk-in refrigerators of commercial kitchens because they work best in separating
easily perishable items from non-perishable items.

Trusted Brands

Smith System makes a steel cubby that comes in different colors. You can easily pick a color that
fits the style of the room. If you don’t want a steel cubby, Whitney Brothers has an organizer
made with a thermo-fused melamine board. On the other hand, Wood Designs’ and Jonti-Craft’s
cubbies are perfect for classrooms to keep them organized.

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