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Study Carrels and Computer Carrels

Library Study Carrels

Keeping your employees, students, or library patrons safe and healthy is always a priority. You want people to be able to work and learn without spreading germs, and our sanitation and safety products can help you achieve that goal. Many of our library study carrels are designed to prevent the spread of germs, helping you reduce viral and bacterial outbreaks at your school, business, or library. Additionally, these products provide privacy and limit distractions, creating a more productive environment. In fact, they’re so effective that they’re no longer classified as “school library furniture.” Now, they’re used in numerous private and public spaces. Learn more and then browse from options from top manufactures, including Screenflex, Wood Designs, and OBEX.

Sanitation and Safety Products from Top Brands

Our stand-up and sit-down carrels include panels that block people from others, so germs from sneezes and coughs are less likely to reach others. However, that’s far from the end of your choices when it comes to keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Desktop privacy panels are also a top choice when it comes to school, business, and community library equipment. These panels sit right on top of the desk, walling people off from the rest of the group. Other options include sneezeguards and barrier shields that you can place on top of tables, desks, and counters. Additionally, we offer antimicrobial desk barriers for an extra layer of protection.

Collaborating with Sanitation and Safety in Mind

While some employees will retreat to their own private desk carrel, collaboration is necessary at times. You can allow collaboration without compromising safety with our study carrels. Clear desk barriers and panels can protect collaborators while still allowing them to communicate with each other. These panels and barriers are easy to clean, so you can set up a spot for collaboration and clean it between uses.

Safety and sanitation go beyond following a cleaning protocol. You also need the right furniture to protect people. Look through our study carrels that also serve as sanitation and safety products. Then, you can add them to your school, library, or business to protect everyone who comes inside.
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