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Portable Partitions and Mobile Room Dividers

Portable Partitions and Mobile Room Dividers

Did you know that people can spread illnesses before showing symptoms? Thus, they often go to work, school, church, and other places without realizing they’re ill, infecting others in the process. Fortunately, you can set up office partitions to protect employees, students, patrons, and customers. Get the details on our products so that you can prioritize sanitation and safety at your facility.

Prevent the Spread of Illness with Folding Partitions

Room dividers and office partitions allow you to close off spaces for students, employees, and others to work and study. Even basic partitions can slow down the spread of infectious diseases, but you can take it a step further for additional protection. For example, Healthflex Privacy Screens contain an antimicrobial coating and include mildew and bactericides inhibitors. These folding partitions are powerful enough for medical settings but are also used in offices, schools, libraries, and other spaces.

Antimicrobial panels by Linea Italia are also a top choice. You can place these panels or tables or desks to separate employees, students, or patrons who share the same space. Additionally, they can stand up without a table or desk, providing additional flexibility. No matter how you place them, they’ll help you reduce the spread of germs in the space.

Increase Protection with Cubicle Panel Extenders

Do you currently have low-rise cubicles in your school, library, or office? These office partitions create private work and study spaces, but they don’t do a good job of preventing germs from spreading. You can show your dedication to the health and safety of employees and others with cubical panel extenders. By increasing the height, you can keep germs from moving from cubicle to cubicle.

Browse through our room dividers and partitions that promote health and safety. Because they are portable, you can reconfigure them when necessary to accommodate your changing needs. Thus, you can continue prioritizing health and safety even as your needs evolve.
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