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Classroom Chair and Desk Combos and Desk and Chair Combos

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to figure out which chairs to get once you choose your school desks. Opting for a combo chair with a desk attached is a simple way to unify your school classroom. A unitized student chair desk are a classic choice for many learning environments. 

No Need to Match Chairs and Tables

Choosing student desks with attached chairs saves you the trouble of ensuring chairs and desks will work together. Of course, you can also avoid this problem by getting packaged sets of desks and chairs, which we also offer at Worthington Direct.

Select Your Style

While the idea of chair desks is straightforward, there are a surprising number of options. The traditional option has the desk connected to the chair on the right side of the student, but some styles have the chair connected on the left side. Make sure to order a handful of those chair desks for your left-handed students. Some don’t connect the desk on the side – they do so from the bottom. To allow desks to be ambidextrous, select sled-base combination chair desks that allow double entry from both the left or right.

You will also be able to choose the style of chair. Most of the options for student desk chairs are basic chairs made of durable plastic with a few cutouts. Chair desk seats can be made with poly shells or hard solid plastic. Both are very durable, but

You can also get a school desk with a book basket underneath. This makes it easy for students to keep their supplies out of the way. Or maybe you prefer chairs without baskets underneath, as this will leave room for students to slide their entire backpack under their chairs.

Durable Brands

As you browse our school desk options, you will notice that we only stock options from brands known for their durability. Students can be hard on their desks, but brands like Virco, Scholar Craft, and USA Capital are up to the challenge.

Learn more about buying Combo Desk Chairs for your classroom from our School Desk Buyer's Guide.

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